Safe House director may helm Assassin’s Creed movie


While the Assassin’s Creed games may be hella deep into their mythology by now a film adaptation of the series has taken a while to get rolling. We finally got word that Michael Fassbender would be starring in the 2015 film, but little other news. Now Twitch is reporting that a director has been chosen in the form of Daniel Espinosa. The Swedish director hasn’t been confirmed yet, but he seems to be the favorite of 20th Century Fox. 

If you don’t know the name you probably haven’t seen the Swedish awesomeness that is Easy Money, which starred Joel Kinniman and launched both his and Espinosa’s career. Most people are probably more familiar with his only other major film, the surprisingly underrated Safe House. If this is the kind of gritty, striking film making he’ll be bringing to Assassin’s Creed then I couldn’t be more excited. With Fassbender starring we could actually be getting a video adaptation that is more than just a simple action flick. 

[via Twitch]

Matthew Razak
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