Salt getting a sequel, probably not called Pepper


Did you see Salt? You know, the Angelina Jolie action pic about a spy who gets all double crossed and then triple crossed and then 1/2 crossed until she’s not sure which way is up? Well, if you did you probably remember it had a bit of a cliffhanger ending or you may not because the film was decent but relatively forgettable. Seems a lot of people had the chance to forget it, however, since it grossed over $300 million worldwide and thus a sequel is coming.

Sony has reportedly given the go ahead for the film to be made and Angelina Jolie is back in. However, director Phillip Noyce did not take an offer to return the franchise — two movies makes a franchise, right? Kurt Wimmer, the mad genius behind Equilibrium and Ultraviolet, is hard at work on the sequel’s screenplay, which, if you liked the first one, is good news because he wrote that too.

Other than the fact that the sequel is actually happening not much more has leaked. We’ll let you know when it does, of course.

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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