Sam Mendes is returning for Bond 24


Ever since we reported that Christopher Nolan had been contacted to direct the next Bond film more an more names have been popping up for who could take the directors chair. Names like Ang Lee and Nicolas Winding Refn definitely gave us some pause to consider how they would tackle 007, but according to Deadline all of that is moot as the least likely candidate is in talks to direct Bond 24: Sam Mendes.

Wait, didn’t he drop out because of some theater commitments or something? Yes, he did. But producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson wanted him back and evidently Mendes really wanted to return. The original issue was that the next Bond film wanted to get going right away and Mendes was already committed to some plays at the West End and thus unavailable, but it appears that the producers and Mendes have worked out a way that he can finish his commitments to the stage and then return to making Bond some time next  year. 

Assuming this is true, and we have no reason to doubt Deadline, then it’s hard to be upset. Skyfall was brilliant and actually having a returning director for a Bond film (back-to-back) is something that hasn’t happened in a long while, but definitely should. While a Nolan Bond would have been interesting we know that a Mendes Bond kicks ass. 

[via Deadline]

Matthew Razak
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