Sam Mendes possibly tapped for live action James and the Giant Peach


As we all know Disney is on a relentless quest to turn their animation adaptation into live action movies. And considering that the likes of Maleficient, The Jungle Book and Cinderella all did gangbusters it makes sense. They’ve also got Cruella, a Mary Poppins sequel and Tinker Bell coming along in the next years. Now James and the Giant Peach is in with possible direction from Sam Mendes.

Mendes is in very, very early negotiations, but he could absolutely knock this out of the park. He brought a fantastic visual style to both Skyfall and Spectre, and most of his other movies. This would, however, be his lightest fare by far, though Jame sand Giant Peach does delve into some pretty dark places. 

More importantly, though, will he be able to top what is probably one of Disney’s most unique animated films?


Matthew Razak
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