Sam Mendes vblogs about Skyfall and his passion for Bond


Despite 2012 being the year of The Avengers, Dark Knight Rises and The Hobbit, I’m convinced the 23rd entry in the James Bond series, Skyfall, has an outstanding chance of being top blockbuster in this standout year. It’s the series’ 50th anniversary and the talent gathered by long-time producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson is phenomenal. It would be genuinely sad were it to go to waste, but as a Bond fan, everything I’ve seen and heard about the production fills me with confidence.

I was on the fence about director Sam Mendes, whose cinematic work has been very hit-and-miss for me, but it’s reassuring that his best feature to date, Road To Perdition, was also the one featuring the most action (a relative measure, I know, when the competition is American Beauty). While he doesn’t say anything particularly new in this videoblog, he seems sincere when talking about his lifelong passion for the character and the qualities Daniel Craig brings to the table. There’s also a fleeting glimpse of Bond’s silhouette moving across a neon Shanghai backdrop, PPK in hand. Don’t let me down, Skyfall.