Sam Raimi and Marc Webb pass on directing The Flash


DC and Warner Bros. have been searching hard to find a director for The Flash. Last night reports came in that Robert Zemeckis, Matthew Vaugn and Sam Raimi were being considered. However, this morning EW is reporting that Raimi gave the film a hard pass. On top of that The Amazing-Spiderman director, Marc Webb, passed as well. Spiderman directors do not want to touch The Flash evidently. 

It’s fun to speculate about the DC movie universe being a total train wreck, but in this case I think it’s just a matter of busy schedules and directors not wanting to take on a huge project. But who knows, both these guys have directed failing superhero movies so maybe they don’t want to even touch something that could has the potential to be toxic.

This puts Zemeckis as the front runner, but The Flash has already had two directors attached to it so don’t be surprised if that changes as well. 

Matthew Razak
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