Sam Smith to sing Spectre’s title song


It’s a time honored tradition that some big artist belts out a title song for a Bond film (except for the all orchestral opening to On Her Majesty’s Secret Service). In the past the songs became massive hits, but Bond had had a slump in that department until Skyfall‘s title song “Skyfall,” sung by Adele exploded onto the scene. Now the franchise looks to recapture some of the pop hit, soul stirring magic by bringing in Sam Smith to sing the title song for Spectre

The song is title “Writings On the Wall,” which sounds really Sam Smithy, and will debut on September 25. Sam Smith co-wrote the song with Jimmy Napes and he’ll be the first British, male solo artist to record a Bond title song since Tom Jones did it for Thunderball in 1965, though I think we can give Paul McCartney some credit for “Live and Let Die” despite it technically being Wings.

I love this choice. Smith’s vocals and range are perfect for belting out a classic Bond theme, and while Chris Cornell’s pitch perfect “You Know My Name” from Casino Royale was prolific and they had Jack White for “Quantum of Solace,” a less rock and roll male singer come in. 

Matthew Razak
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