Samuel L Jackson confirmed for Django Unchained


Took ’em long enough! Collider yesterday evening has confirmed that Samuel L Jackson will be joining the cast of Tarantino’s latest flick, Django Unchained! Hoorah! Jackson will be playing Stephen, the house slave and right hand man of a slave master played by Kevin Costner. Also in the cast is Leonardo DiCaprio playing the main bad-guy of the movie, Jamie Foxx as the titular Django, and Christoph Waltz as a German bounty hunter. 

While I’ve been sold on Django Unchained since day one, having Jackson in the mix makes this movie sound even better. I mean, the missing piece from any movie is usually Samuel L Jackson. Are you guys as excited as me on this one? I have several movies that I’m looking forward to in 2012, Django Unchained is quickly becoming one of my most anticipated.

[via Collider]