Samurai Jack is back: 5th season has new trailer


Diehard fans and casual observers of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim will likely be familiar with Samurai Jack. I’m not sure if the show, created by Genndy Tartakovsky, was breakthrough material or just incredibly unique. Either way, it was a standout with fantastic animation, style, and musical accompaniment that rocked the early 2000s.

After years in rerun purgatory, in December 2015, we were promised a return of the wandering samurai named Jack and his struggle to defeat the shape-shifting demon Aku, in a fifth and final season.

Due to bow at 11:00pm on March 12, 2017, Jack’s new trailer delivers a more in depth look at the character’s final run through time and Adult Swim programming. It looks sharp, sporting an improved HD look, and all of the hallmarks that distinguished Jack from other cartoons.

Are you excited to see Jack back? Let us know below–obviously, some of us have been waiting years for this and are probably as pleased as oh … peaches.

Samurai Jack Season 5 Trailer | Samurai Jack | Adult Swim




[via Polygon]