San Diego Comic-Con reveals Hulk gladiator Armor from Thor: Ragnarok


Instagram is blowing up with pictures from Marvel, Marvel employees, and San Diego Comic-Con attendees. One such gem: gladiator armor that the Hulk will wear in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok (November 3).

While plot details of Thor: Ragnarok are still not entirely known, the gladiator armor suggests we may be getting a Planet Hulk storyline. Now, whether or not this will unfold in the Thor sequel, or this will merely set it up for a standalone Hulk feature (as Flixist previously suggested), we don’t yet know.

Planet Hulk, a 15-comic stand alone story arc created by Greg Pak in 2006, revolves around the Hulk being sent to an uninhabited planet by a superhero Illuminati, only things go awry and the hulk ends up doing his best Russell Crow impression on an inhabited, violent planet instead.

Check out this sickness that Instagram user @agentm posted:

The Hulk gets some new gear for 2017's "Thor Ragnarok."