Sandlot prequel in development with original creator


It looks like The Sandlot might be getting an actual, released in theaters prequel. Deadline is reporting that the original’s writer/director, David Mickey Evans is co-writing a script with Austin Reynolds. While the plot hasn’t been officially announced the rumor is that its a prequel focussing on the origins of The Beast (the dog that keeps the kids from getting their ball back in the original). 

I know we’re in the heyday of franchises and sequels and everything, but this has got to stop. The Sandlot stands alone as a perfect encapsulation of childhood friendship, fear, and adventure. Sure, it’s had two straight-to-video sequels, but neither of those really had anything to do with the original… and they were straight-to-video. You can ignore them as easily as if they didn’t exist at all. What’s the story even going to be about? James Earl Jones buys a dog? 

‘The Sandlot’ Prequel In The Works At Fox With Original Writer-Helmer David Mickey Evans Scripting [Deadline]


Matthew Razak
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