Sandra Bullock in talks for Miss Hannigan in Annie reboot


Joining Quvenzhané Wallis (as Annie) and Jamie Foxx (as Benjamin Stacks) in Will Smith and Jay Z’s Annie (otherwise known as the former vehicle for Willow Smith), Sandra Bullock is now in early talks to join the new version of the musical as Miss Hannigan, the mean woman who runs Annie’s orphanage home. And no, this is not a good idea at all. I love me some Sandra Bullock (in fact, she is one of my many Boos), but she just can’t pull off Hannigan. 

While Bullock’s got the comedic chops, she’s got nowhere near enough bite. Miss Congeniality can’t ever reach Carol Burnett’s (and to a lesser extent, Kathy Bates’s) spiteful, yet humorous portrayal. But I get what Sony wanted as they wanted someone with a lot of appeal. But it’s a shame because Jane Lynch is totally perfect for the role (she’s currently in the Broadway version) and she was ignored. Sure she doesn’t have too wide of an appeal (what, Glee doesn’t count?), but she’s amazing. Did you see her performance of “Little Girls” during the Tony Awards? Watch it then tell me she’s not perfect. Go on, I dare ya. 

[via The Wrap]