Sarah Palin Biopic is a thing that is happening


Ugh… I don’t want to write about this. I don’t want it to get publicity. I don’t want it to exist. But it does. And it will. And I have to. Ugh. This June, a feature length biopic about Sarah Palin will be released to the world, kinda. Authorized by Palin herself, Undefeated (which is funny because her campaign failed in 2008) will be released initially in Iowa, New Hampshire, and other key swing states in hopes of influencing public opinion. Director Stephen K. Bannon, whose previous films include the Tea Party propaganda film Generation Zero and the pro-Reagan film In the Face of Evil, is hoping the film is a smash hit, and there are talks of a on-demand release as well as potential DVD sales/gifts to donors. Interestingly, the film will see a PG-13 release as well as an Unrated release, which reportedly features language and imagery that the MPAA doesn’t think America’s teens can handle. The eventual plan is to release into between 50 and 100 markets, so this film may very well eventually be at a theater near you.

I can’t stand Sarah Palin. I think she represents terrible things for America, and likely represents terrible things for cinema. I hope this thing crashes and burns. I can’t believe this is actually a thing. I’m going to go cry now.

[Via Deadline]