SARFT removes fleshbergs from Titanic 3D


If you’re a Chinese fan of film and tasteful nudity, you’ll have to look elsewhere than the 3D re-release of Titanic, which has been censored by the State Administration of Radio, Film, and Television. The film, which opened this week and has grossed more than twice in China what it has in any other market, now crops the revealing shots of the pivotal romantic scene, allowing viewers longing glances at Kate Winslet’s eyes as she and they both share a brief lamentation for her erstwhile breasts.

The scene was censored in the original Chinese theater run, as it was in India, whose Censor Board has allowed the re-release to screen unaltered. The film is playing without censorship in Hong Kong, where it is currently third in a box office led by Love in the Buff.

“I’ve been waiting almost 15 years, and not for the 3D icebergs,” one Chinese blogger is quoted as saying, rudely overlooking the technical expertise demonstrated by the 4K remastering of the blah blah and the stereoscopic post-conversion of the blah blah blah.

[via THR]