Save the date! The first Iron Man 3 trailer is coming!


Used to be there was a time when I would be surprised to find that the new [INSERT HIGHLY ANTICIPATED FILM HERE] trailer was online, or better yet, I’d stumble upon it on the big screen before another movie. Well, courtesy of /film, the surprise is over!

That’s right, the trailer for Iron Man 3, part one of Marvel’s cinematic ‘Phase 2,’ will be dropping at 12:01 AM on October 23rd. Hopefully it’ll shed some light on how Extremis plays in and whether or not Ben Kingsley is indeed the Mandarin. In the end, it could be as content-less as the Man of Steel trailer and I will love it twenty times more than any other trailer I see this month because it’s freaking Iron Man! Stay tuned for a trailer analysis when it comes out later this month!

[Via /film]