Saw 8 has title: Jigsaw … comes with weird puzzley graphic


Because Hollywood is the land of opportunity [read: a complete and utter lack of originality] and audiences are so nuanced of taste and subtly responsive to the creative processes of their filmmakers [read: sheeple who will watch utter garbage to the tune of tens of millions of dollars] we’re getting an eighth and probably not final Saw movie. Saw 7 was actually called Saw: The Final Chapter. And if it wasn’t the final, because we’re getting another, who can say what will happen next? Saw 9: The Directors Cut of Saw 1? I’d pay to see three extra minutes of Cary Elwes crawling down an abandoned corridors–post-amputation–only to bleed out. Right? Even the filmmakers seemed to have carefully deliberated whether or not to continue the franchise–after all, it will have been seven years since the last one!–they literally used to churn these out every year. Unfortunately, they went for it anyway.

The confirmed title for Saw 8 has been revealed to be Jigsaw, named after the villain of the franchise, who supposedly died back in Saw 3, but since final chapters aren’t final chapters, maybe dead villains are live villains? We shall see. No word yet as to why the title graphic is a big puzzle. I’m flabbergasted. The thought processes of these people are beyond me–maybe it’s sponsored by Milton Bradley?

What do you think: are puzzles still culturally relevant? When was the last time you completed one? Is a movie about a puzzle a good idea? Leave your comments below!



[via PunchDrunkCritics]