Saw 8: The Sawenning is in development


You may have thought that since there hadn’t been a Saw movie since 2010 and since the last film was called Saw: The Final chapter and since Paranormal Activity had taken over the yearly-released horror movie spot that the Saw franchise was dead.  How silly. Saw 8 is of course in active development over at Lionsgate despite all those signs that the series had died.

It doesn’t look like they’re rushing it, however. Bloody Disgusting says they want to get it right and are taking their time, unlike with the series’ last few installments, which came out every Halloween. It’s unclear whether it will be a remake or a reboot at the moment, but a remake seems relatively pointless since they could just as easily reboot while still continuing in the universe thanks to how 7 ended. 

The Saw series has always been very hit and miss for me. I love some and hate others, but it’s perfect slasher fodder set up to give great kills so I’m always a little excited for more. What about you guys?

[via Bloody Disgusting]

Matthew Razak
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