Say bye-bye to Best Buy’s Burlesque Blu-ray bonus


Those who were planning on buying their copy of Burlesque from Best Buy might be a little disappointed. The retail giant’s weekly ad included details about a free corset – yes, a corset – if customers bought the film’s Blu-ray and DVD combo pack. But when Burlesque became available this week, the corset was nowhere to be found. The customer that tipped off High-Def Digest about the missing lingerie was told that “they were pulled off the shelf [that] morning with top priority.” Best Buy’s website now makes no mention of the corset bonus.

At some stores, more is missing than just the corset. The film has been pulled completely off the shelves at certain locations. The customer noted that he was only allowed to buy the Blu-ray after making a purchase on Of course, they handed it over without the corset.

Best Buy hasn’t commented on the removal, but one anonymous employee states that a parent’s group, those lovable defenders of ideas, complained to the company about the corsets, which caused it to cave. It was a silly promotion to begin with, but the reason for removal harkens back to that tired old cliche – won’t someone think of the children? Even with immature tastes, I doubt any kids would really want to watch this musical exercise in mediocrity.

[via High-Def Digest]