Scarface remake in the works, Tony is now Mexican


Growing up, my dad brought me to quite a few Lowrider car shows. They’re different from your average car show because they’re certainly skewed toward a certain demographic. And that demographic loved themselves some Scarface. It was painted onto cars, VHS tapes littered the insides, and one time “You wanna play rough?” was embedded into a grill. 

Brain De Palma’s remake of the 1932 original, starring Al Pacino, is the Scarface most folks remember. It resonated with the Latino community in particular because it featured a Cuban man in a prominently powerful position, regardless of how dark the character actually is. It was a rare moment to shine for us. But I expect this newer version to shine brighter. 

Pablo Larraín (No) is in talks to direct a new version of Scarface, according to The Wrap. In this newest version, Tony is a Mexican immigrant in Los Angeles who rises in the criminal underworld. The coolest thing about this is Universal is intent on casting a bilingual actor who’s relatively unknown. If they can pull this off (by which I mean if a Chilean director can properly display Mexican culture), then this could be great. I’m pumped. 

[via The Wrap