Scarlett Johansson cast in Ghost in the Shell


A live action adaptation of the classic manga Ghost in a Shell has been kicking around since before Flixist was even a thing, but I think we may actually see it soon. Not only does the film have an actual director in Ruper Sanders it now has a start to lead it as Scarlett Johansen has agreed to star. A big name like that should get the movie fast tracked.

Other details are pretty sketchy for the film, but since it is based on the original work we know that Johansson will play a member of a covert ops unit of the Japanese National Public Safety Commission. She’s assigned to hunt down the Puppet Master, who implants false memories in his victims in a future where people replace their bodies with machines. 

We all know Johansson can handle action thanks to the likes of Avengers and Lucy so sounds good to me. Hopefully the rest of the film turns out and we aren’t looking at another Æon Flux

Matthew Razak
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