Schwarzenegger and Stallone to break out of The Tomb


Sylvester Stallone has enjoyed a late career revival as Hollywood’s senior action man and, through his Expendables movies, has been working hard to ensure fellow ’80s brawn also have the chance to top up their retirement fund. Arnold Schwarzenegger will be returning in Expendables 2, supposedly in an expanded role, but if you’re looking for a proper Stallone – Arnie team up, The Tomb could prove a more satisfying bet.

The two action stars headline a story about Ray Breslin (Stallone), a man forced to break out of a prison he designed, assisted by Church (Schwarzenegger), a ‘complex inmate with shades of grey’ who is a dab hand at keeping the prisoners from going insane in the terrible conditions, possibly by keeping them amused with terrible puns and an inability to pronounce the word ‘ambulance’. Apart from the spectacular implausibility of Stallone playing the world’s foremost structural engineer (echoes of Denise Richards as a nuclear scientist in The World Is Not Enough here) and Schwarzenegger having ‘shades of grey’, this could be fun. Mikael Hafstrom (The Rite) will direct, with Summit distributing.

[via Collider]