Schwarzenegger and Willis rocking large in Expendables 2


Ok, The Expendables was pretty bad, but no fan of the underthought, overly-violent punch-fests of the 1980s couldn’t be giddy when Predator, Rambo, and John McClane shared the screen, if only for a few moments. Now, The Expendables 2 seems to be moving in the right direction towards Total Awesome Yes Please. Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis have now been locked into “substantial” roles in the upcoming sequel. Even money says that they’ll be reprising their cameo roles from the first film, with with all sorts of extra jazz and screen time and one liners.

Now all this movie needs is for someone to go get the not-as-publicly-crazy Mel Gibson off the set of Lethal Weapon 3 to complete this absolute fiesta of Mantosterone. I was going to say “testosterone,” but that wasn’t manly enough. 

[Via /Film]