Schwarzenegger eying 15 new roles including Terminator


My former governor, the honorable Arnold Schwarzenegger, is finally taking offers for film roles following a fairly controversial political career. Now, he announced that he’s entertaining fifteen different offers, some offering some recognizable hits from his career. At the amazingly-titled Arnold Seminar, he had this to say on his incoming projects: “[There are] obvious ones from The Terminator to remakes of Predator and The Running Man and all of those things.” He goes on to mention that he’s working on a comic book property as well, with an announcement to come later this month or earlier next month.

While I think Arnold’s gotten a bit too old to play the same ageless Terminator, I would love to see him pop up in a future Predator movie, especially with Predators being surprisingly not so crappy I wanted to die. The real kicker for me is the potential of an updated Running Man. I’m a huge fan of Running Man’s cheesetastic atmosphere and insane violence, so I hope that winds up seeing the light of day.

My ideal Schwarzenegger project? A return to his original American debut, Hercules in New York. If that ever happens, I may explode with glee.

[Update! For those interested, Hercules in New York is available in its entirety, and completely legally, on Youtube right here. Revel in the cinematic masterpiece of Arnold’s greatest achievement.]

[Via Total Film]