Schwarzenegger to star in action flick Ten


Seems Schwarzenegger is still grasping at relevance with his newest action movie Ten, directed by David Ayer. Ten follows members of “an elite DEA task force” who deviate from their mission and instead steal “millions from a drug cartel safe house.” The group thinks they’ve succeeded until one by one, they start getting killed. 

Schwarzenegger isn’t the first star to be attached to the project, but he is the one to get the ball rolling. Before Schwazenegger, Bruce Willis was attached to the project, with Patrick Alessandrin to direct. So uh, I guess this is an improvement now? Not sure. Isn’t Schwarzenegger kind of like a walking leather bag at this point? Does he still have what it takes to be an “action star?”

David Ayer has some street cred as a screenwriter for Training Day, and directed Harsh Times.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]