Scoob! will still release on May 15 as a straight to VOD movie


It seems like months have passed since Trolls World Tour’s release when in reality it’s only been a way days. Social distancing has a way with playing with your perception of time like that. Can you even believe it’s going to be May next week? Getting back on track, the Trolls World Tour experiment seems to have paid off for Universal, at least from first glance. While exact numbers still haven’t been released yet on how well Trolls World Tour did for its historic straight to VOD release, it seems the initial results are at least encouraging enough for Warner Bros. to take a risk and roll the dice with their upcoming family film Scoob!.

Scoob! was originally supposed to release on May 15th, but that release date was called into question thanks to the coronavirus being the coronavirus. Warner Bros. remained silent on the movie, calling into question when the movie’s release would be rescheduled to, but it looks like they decided to backtrack on that decision and announced today that Scoob! will still release on May 15th by going straight to VOD. The movie will release on most major streaming platforms and will be available to rent for a 48 hour period for $19.99.

While Warner Bros. says that releasing Scoob! this way was purely because the movie was already finished, I’m willing to wager there were a few extra factors that impacted this decision. Like Trolls World Tour, Scoob! is clearly gearing to be a family viewing experience, making that $19.99 price point all the more enticing for any family for a cheap, fun night. It’s also possible that Warner Bros. has a stinker on their hands and releasing it this way would at least allow them a greater chance at turning a profit since this movie took a little over five years to make. Or maybe Warner Bros. is just curious if there is a market to be made on this straight to VOD market. Whatever the case may be, we won’t have to wait long before we find out. 

Scoob! will release on May 15, 2020.

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