Scorsese to produce the story of the Rolls Royce


Have you ever been in a Rolls Royce? That stuff is plush. I have twelve of them in my multi-car garage next to the unicorn (they’re real for rich people) and the bars of Nazi gold I keep around to re-enact the golf scene from Goldfinger (can only use each one once, then I throw it away). News has come to us via my private butler that these fine automobiles will getting the bio pic that they truly deserve thanks to Martin Scorsese, Lord Richard Attenborough and Anthony Haas.

The film will reportedly tell the story of how Charles Rolls and Henry Royce partnered together around the turn of the century to create the car that would become synonymous with luxury. Supposedly the story is full of mystery, intrigue and love. Scorsese will most likely not direct the picture, but using my future seeing machine (rich people have these) I can tell that it will be an interesting story. Now I must be off to swim in my pool of gold and dine on endangered bald eagle meat.

[Variety, via /Film]

Matthew Razak
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