Scorsese wants you to want to hug and kiss children in 3D


If you were unaware, Martin “We’re headed toward holograms” Scorsese is adapting Brian Selznick’s wonderful book The Invention of Hugo Cabret. I have no problem with that. In fact, I think it’s a great idea and wrote it up as one of my picks for our Mega Sweet Fall Movie Preview of Madness. That being said, I don’t like 3D, and the film (entitled Hugo), is in 3D. James Cameron, on the other hand, is a big fan, so he and Scorsese tag-teamed with The Hollywood Reporter to tell everyone about how amazing the use of 3D in Hugo is.

The above video is bits of that interview spliced in with footage of the movie (which looks pretty cool), and the full transcript can be found at the source link. I must say that I think Scorsese has a terrible vision of the film industry’s future, and it’s not just the holograms. For example:

What Time Warner should do is take Dial M for Murder and make a transfer to digital. Remaster it into 3D. That’ll show it’s a dramatic film, it’s 3D, and it works.

Ahh! The mere thought of that horrifies me. I can’t even imagine how someone could come to think of that kind of thing. Perhaps he’s getting a bit senile in his old age. As for the title… well:

Seeing the kid [actors] every day first thing in the morning, I’d grab them and hug them and kiss them. And that’s what I wanted the audience to feel like.

[The Hollywood Reporter, Via FirstShowing.Net]