Scrapped Jurassic Park IV concept art is dinosaur-people


Jurassic Park IV is definitely a thing that is happening, but thank the heavens this concept did not come to fruition. Some years ago John Sayles wrote a script for the next film in the franchise, and as you may or may not recall, the internet got ahold of it and tore that sh*t to pieces. The core idea of the movie revolved around genetically spliced human-dinosaur hybrids, and was an all around silly notion that the studio turned a cold shoulder on pretty quickly…but not before some concept art was commissioned. 

Now, I’ve stated my love of Jurassic Park and of dinosaurs in general before on the site, and I’ll be the first to tell you that this is just a plain stupid idea for a Jurassic Park movie, BUT I would also be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge that most of this art is pretty damn boss. There’s a f**king T-Rex dude-thing! And a Tricero-man beast! C’mon Sci-Fi, there has to be a made for TV movie somewhere in here!

[via Badass Digest]