Scream is coming back to scare up some more films


Scream is a property that just won’t stay down. Not even the passing of the series’ director, Wes Craven, will keep this series in status for much longer. It has been reported that Spyglass Media Group has acquired the rights to and is currently developing a new Scream movie.

The last movie, Scream 4, was a middling success with critics and didn’t make a splash with box office returns the ways other entries in the franchise did. There was also a TV series that ran for 3 seasons, but they branched off from the stories told in the theatrical releases. The direction of this new film will take is unknown. It could be a fresh reboot or possibly a continuation of the story from the original 4 movies. The option is also there for a combination of the two. Either way, Kevin Williamson won’t be back to write the screenplay.

Craven’s direction will be missed and without Williamson’s writing, the new film is already facing an uphill battle with expectations. On the other hand, there have been plenty of new horror movies that have gone just as meta, if not further, as the first Scream and left room for new rules to be in play. An original take on a known property would be a refreshing change of pace in a market that is sometimes all too eager to cash-in on established brands. Either way, Ghostface will be calling again soon.

Spyglass Resurrecting Ghostface in New ‘Scream’ Movie [Exclusive] [BloodyDisgusting]