Screen Gems plans to remake Indonesian film The Raid


Wow, that was quick.

Last week we posted an awesome trailer for The Raid, an indonesian film that has been the talk of the Toronto International Film Festival. The film premiered at the festival and has yet to see any kind of release yet, but that hasn’t stopped Screen Gems from trying to get its grubby mitts on the rights to remake the film. The company, who was responsible for the surprisingly well done remake of REC (Quarantine here), is looking to develop a remake of the film for American audiences. No word yet how they will handle the focus on Indonesian fighting style silat in the remake,but they’ll have to do it without director Gareth Evans as he’s already opted out of directing the remake in order to focus on The Raid sequel that starts shooting in February.

Do yourself the favor, watch the trailer again. This movie looks SO bad ass.

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]