SDCC 11: Friday Recap


Man, another exhausting day at Comic Con! You can tell, because I’m posting this so damned late. Jenika, Adam, Max, and I hit up the House of Blues tonight, where we saw Donald Glover, a.k.a  Childish Gambino. It was sick. On top of that, I saw a dude, through sheer audacity of t-shirt, get a handshake from Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson. Only at Comic Con, right? We got to a LOT of cool stuff today. Check it all out beyond the jump!

You’ll also notice there’s no pictures today. I’ve basically got too many for my laptop to handle, without getting to bed sometime tomorrow evening, so I’ll do a mega picture post on Sunday or something.

Sony Pictures Liveblogging

Twilight fans go crazy over Breaking Dawn

Watch The Raven, nevermore

Gina Carano goes Haywire

Liveblogging the Legendary Pictures panel

A Conversation with William Shatner

Liveblogging the Tintin panel