SDCC 11: Gina Carano goes Haywire


Gin Carano is Stephen Soderbergh’s muse for Haywire, a female revenge-type film. Two years ago, Soderbergh wondered why no one made a film with Gina after seeing her fight in the ring. The rest was pretty much history.

Haywire is the story about a dangerous agent-turned-contractor who gets double-crossed by her partner during a mission, but being the super agent that she is, the tables were turned and she kills him. Like so many of these secret agents go, she is now on the run to clear her name. Seems like pretty typical stuff for this type of film. It will be interesting to see if this MMA fighter has acting chops.

Hit the jump for details on a scene in which Gina Carano comments on the making of it by saying, “I loved it, I liked getting banged into all that stuff.”

The scenes they show are of Gina Carano and Michael Fassbender pretending to be a married couple. She finds out this man is going to double-cross her before heading up to their hotel room. Upon entering the room, Fassbender decks her in the back of the head and throws her into the wall. Then commences a fight between them as they essentially destroy the room. What unfolds is a a pretty brutal scene, since at least one of the leads is able to take a punch.

It will be interesting to see if this is more than just a gimmick.