SDCC 11: Just-“In Time” Timberlake


In Time is an Andrew Niccol (The Truman Show) movie in which humanity lives to be the ripe age of 25. At this point, you are given a clock on your arm. It is constantly counting down and is the new form of currency. An example is a coffee costing you four minutes.

Justin Timberlake comes across a man who has over a century of time on his arm. This is important, since you can give and take time away from people. Timberlake questions this man and why he is “wasting” his time. In his sleep, the man transfers all his time to Timberlake and dies. Now he is wanted and even accused of killing the man. He is hunted down by Cillian Murphy’s character. Soon he is rushed to the rich people society where everyone is essentially living forever. This, of course, brings up questions of living stuff.

The director/writer, Justin Timberlake, and Amanda Seyfried had little to say. Justin only added how they had dots on their arms from where the clocks will be and how it “carried over” into his real life. Short lived anecdote for laugh value.

And bonus, trailer looks to show Amanda Seyfried naked, how can you go wrong with that? Comes out 10/28/11.