SDCC 11: Ridley Scott talks Prometheus


Yes, Prometheus is an Alien movie. There is no dancing around this fact at the San Diego Comic Con.

By the time I got into the 20th Century Fox’s panel at SDCC, they had already started. Thankfully for this Alien fan, they were just getting into the meat and potatoes of the Ridley Scott interview… and although Charlize Theron was the only person physically on stage, they did us a huge favor by having a live connection to Sir Ridley Scott and Noomi Rapace all the way over in Iceland.

Hit the jump to hear what else they had to say.

Upon entering the the obscenely large panel room, Charlize Theron was talking about her character in Prometheus being “a suit that soon livens up.” This was shortly followed up by the questionnaire and Theron complaining about Scott not being at the convention, since he was in Iceland.

When they brought in Ridley, one of the first things he says was how the Alien franchise did not tackle the DNA of the original alien. On top of that, he mentioned that “it will all make sense at the end of the movie.” Noomi did not have much to say about her parts besides that she was cold and all bruised up. That is never a bad thing to hear about a sci-fi action movie.

Despite there not being much information about the movie dished out since they are still in production, it’s good to know they finally cleared up all the hoopla on the connection to the Alien Franchise.

Oh yeah, there are possibly two robots in Prometheus. We already had Michael Fassbender admit to being one, but who is the other one? My bet is on Noomi.