SDCC 11: So long, Comic Con!


So that was Comic Con. We only covered one panel on Saturday, that being the amazing panel for Francis Ford Coppola’s Twixt. My head’s still reeling from the implications of what Coppola showed off there. Expect an editorial on Monday. Along with that, here’s all the other pictures we took at the con, including an amazing Tinkerbell (I swear, I wasn’t being pervy! She looked like an amazing Tinkerbell!), a quick shot of Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy signing things for Warrior, a peek into the Star Wars Blu-Ray Experience booth, some awesome work from Pendragon Costumes, and lots, lots more. I even got shots, off the monitor, of that lucky dude that got to shake Steven Spielberg’s hand in Hall H thanks to sheer chutzpah.

Man, I wish I was that guy,