Sean Bean cast in Tarsem’s Snow White project


I know it’s hard to keep all this Snow White movie talk straight, but Sean Bean (I think it’s pronounced “seen-bean”) has been cast as the King in Tarsem Singh’s still-untitled Snow White project. This Snow White movie is completely separate from the Snow White and The Huntsman movie that recently cast Eddie Izzard, Bob Hoskins and Nick Frost – among many others – as dwarfs.

Tarsem’s Snow White movie is starring Lilly Collins as the titular character, and now is set to have Sean Bean and Julia Roberts as the royal married couple. Julia Roberts being the Evil Queen who tries to kill Snow White because a mirror said she was prettier than her, of course. Despite not having a huge cast of awesome older men to play dwarfs, this Snow White project does have Tarsem directing it, so it should end up at least being visually interesting.

[Via Screenrant]