Sean William Scott goes full Dexter in trailer for Bloodline


Bloodline Movie (2019) Official Trailer - Blumhouse Tilt

Blumhouse has just released its trailer for Bloodline, a horror in which Sean William Scott plays–get this–a serial killer who uses his job to only kill bad guys while at the same time raising a son who may carry the same kill-need in his own blood. Does that sound like a season of Dexter? Absolutely.

I get it, though. Who really wants to play a Henry-type serial killer with all the ugly, consciencelessness that comes from a person indiscriminately killing for his own pleasure? Angling it so there’s a heroic quality to the killing–in this case Scott being able to murder the abusive parents of the kids he councils–can leave the sexiness of an animal drive to take another person’s life intact without it being all that bad. I can’t help but wonder if maybe that might just be missing the point of serial killers, though, and maybe you shouldn’t make a movie about a serial killer if you can’t handle what a serial killer is.

That said, the trailer is short, so there may be more layers left to be seen. Scott has a good solid vacancy to his face, so even if the movie isn’t anything special, he’ll probably come out just fine.

Bloodline will hit theaters and VOD sometime this fall. 

Kyle Yadlosky
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