Season 3 of The Orville won’t warp in until 2020


We learned over the weekend the incredibly awesome news that The Orville will be getting a third season. Everyone was very excited. Well, all the smart people that watch the show because it’s the true spiritual successor to all things Star Trek and increasingly becoming some of the best science fiction you can see week in and week out. Seriously, the second season ditched most of the comedy and dove full bore into the science fiction and the show has gotten even better because of it. 

Sadly, we’re going to have to wait a while to see if the show improves from here. Fox announced their upcoming TV schedule and The Orville won’t drop until sometime in 2020. This actually isn’t that big a deal and also isn’t a sign that Fox doesn’t like the show. In fact, it took this long to get the second season out after the first landed. The fact is The Orville is a special effects heavy show and that means a lot of post-production work has to go on, which takes more time than, say, your basic cop drama. 

This second season of The Orville, which now has Emmy buzz, is literally night and day from the first. If the comedy turned you away from checking out the show I’d strongly urge you to dive back in. I wouldn’t skip the first season as there are some truly great episodes there, but if you’ve been craving some Star Trek and Discovery has let you down then this is the spot.

The Orville Won’t Return for Season 3 Until 2020 []

Matthew Razak
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