Second Star Trek Beyond focuses in


When the first trailer for Star Trek Beyond landed there was a bit of an uproar about its focus on action and airborne motorcycles. Considering that Justin Lin was the director and the reboot of Star Trek has been a bit more explosion focused than the originals you couldn’t really blame the fans for worrying that the franchise that built itself of thought provoking science fiction was veering towards not that. But Justin Lin and a lot of the cast assured us we had nothing to worry about and this second trailer clearly wants to do that too.

While the trailer is still obviously heavy on the action the Beastie Boys are gone and replaced with some homage to the original theme and toned down music. We have discussions on life and death, heritage and only one true punch line. It’s a bit of a mea culpa, but it makes me happy that they’ve clearly put at least a little thought into the film. 

Star Trek Beyond | Trailer #2 | Paramount Pictures International

Matthew Razak
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