Second trailer for Divergent diverges from the norm

Divergent (2014) Official Trailer - Shailene Woodley

Awhile back I wrote an article claiming that Divergent was going to be “the next big teen thing.” Ever since the Twilight Saga ended, there’s been a notable void in the box office landscape for a romantic thriller for teens. You can argue that The Hunger Games is accomplishing that right now, but it’s arguably got more mass appeal without needing to force a romantic subtext. 

Enter Divergent, a book series about a girl who’s different so she can’t fit into one of six futuristic tribes (each represented by a single trait like bravery or kindness), so she joins a group known as the Dauntless run by a hot guy with tattoos who says “being different is cool.” Seriously, if Divergent doesn’t make a splash, I don’t know teen movies anymore. Divergent diverges from theaters March 21st next year.