Secret Avengers trailer to reveal suitably-epic villains


Spoiler parali poker siteleri territory here, folks. If you won’t want poker to possibly have the villains of The Avengers spoiled poker siteleri for you more than a year before the film releases, click elsewhere. There guvenilir poker siteleri are some lovely pictures of Allison Brie and Emily Blunt here. That online poker siteleri should give you something to do for five to ten minutes.

Check this out below the jump to learn who The Avengers are going to…avenge in 2012.


Anyway, AICN claims en iyi poker siteleri that a secret teaser trailer has been shot for 2012’s Avengers, months before any actual shooting begins on the project. This makes sense, with two Avengers-critical Marvel movies coming out this summer. I’d want to have some kind of “hey guys, don’t forget about The Avengers,” bit in there somewhere. It may even be something to be released at Comic-Con. The trailer reportedly showcases Thor villain Loki, revealing him as one of two big-bads for The Avengers.

The en guvenilir poker siteleri other big bit of news comes from Latino Review, who claims that the ultimate canli poker threat in the film will come from Loki using the Cosmic Cube, a device of unimaginable power to be wielded by the Red Skull in Captain America, to draw a shape-shifting race of aliens called the Skrull to Earth. Comic readers may online poker remember that one of Marvel’s more recent summer events, Secret Invasion, involved a decades-long infiltration by Skrull sleeper agents into human society. As previously rumored, Loki will also somehow canli poker siteleri brainwash the Hulk into a rampage, which is what will initially bring the Avengers together, much in the same way they did in their initial comic appearance.

So that’s some big damn Avengers news. The stage is being set for a ridiculously epic throwdown here. I was a little worried that it might become just overloaded with stuff, but a poker online massive alien invasion, with some ancient Norse mystical whammajamma thrown in for good measure, is both extremely epic and texas holdem poker possibly to do without pulling the plot in a million directions.

[Via Ain’t It Cool texas holdem News, Via Latino Review]