See Best of Enemies early and free


Not going to lie on this one, I haven’t even watched the trailer for Best of Enemies. I know, bad film writer person, but sometimes things slide past me and I’m listening to Weezer right now and don’t want to pause it so… here we are. Honestly, given the cast of Taraji P. Henson and Sam Rockwell you’d think I’d be a bit more excited, but this one isn’t singing to me. Maybe it is to you, however, and then you should get the passes we have for it. 

Click the link below and you’ll be all set. It’s easy as that. Just make sure you get there on time so you’re sure to get seats. Come back and let us know what you thought. 

Screening Details:

Wednesday, April 3rd
Regal Majestic

Matthew Razak
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