See Booksmart early and free


We got to check out Booksmart hella early at SXSW and pretty much loved it. The film is smart and interesting and basically a new take on Superbad. Can’t get much more of a recommendation than that, but if you don’t trust us for some reason and just want to see the movie risk free then you should grab some passes below. That way you can see how right we are without hitting your wallet.

Click one of the links below (one screening is today!) and you’ll be all set. Remember to arrive early so you are sure to get a seat. If you have a good time come back and tell us. Hell, if you have a bad time come back and tell us.

Screening Details

AMC Tysons Corner
7:00 PM

AMC Mazza Gallerie
7:00 PM

Matthew Razak
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