See film classic Metropolis with a live orchestra


We have something absolutely awesome coming up. The classic and seminal silent film Metropolis is being screened at the AFI Silver Theater on Feb. 21 and we’ve got access to free passes. It should be an amazing time and the chance to see one of the greatest films ever on the big screen with a live orchestra.

That’s right the Alloy Orchestra will be performing the original score live, just like it was done in the olden days before all these kids with their dang sound and talking movies. If you’re interested just head over to the TCM Road to Hollywood site and pick up a free pass. They’re sure to go quick so jump on it. Full and official details and wording below.

Turner Classic Movies and XFINITY are bringing the Road to Hollywood tour to DC in celebration of the TCM Classic Film Festival this April in Hollywood. Join TCM host Ben Mankiewicz and special guests the Alloy Orchestra for a free screening of METROPOLIS with live accompaniment to the original score on Thursday, February 21 at 7:30 PM at AFI Silver Theatre. Log on to to get your free tickets!

Matthew Razak
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