See Grudge Match early and free


Old people boxing? No it’s not another Rocky movie, though Stallone is in this as well. It’s Grudge Match, which sees not only Stallone returning to the ring, but Robert DeNiro as well. There’s going to be a lot of wrinkles. At least this time its a comedy so they’ll be making fun of their old age instead of pretending like Stallone could actually still go the distance.

Want to see these guys duke it out. We’ve got passes to a screening TONIGHT in Washington DC and Baltimore. Just click the links below for where you want to see it and you’ll be on your way. Remember to get there early so you’re sure to get a seat.

Washington, DC 

Monday, December 16
7:00 PM
Regal Gallery Place


GoFoBo code: FLXTMTR3


Tuesday, December 17
7:00 PM
Cinemark Egyptian



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