See Man of Steel early and free


Man of Steel is shaping up to be the movie of the summer so you’re probably going to see it. Why not see it before everyone else, then? The trailers have been epic, the buzz positive and the Henry Cavill sexy as all hell. We know you’re dying to get your eyes on this sucker so we’ve got admit-two passes to a screening on Tuesday, June 11.

We have individual Gofobo codes so it’s not going to be as easy as normal. You’ll have to either leave a comment or get in touch with us on FacebookTwitter or Google+. We’ve only got 30 admit-two passes so be quick about it! Despite the codes being individual the screening is still first come, first serve so make sure you get there early. Full screening details below.


Tuesday, June 11
7:00 PM
AMC Georgetown
Washington, DC

Matthew Razak
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