See Monuments Men early and free


I think we’ve all been waiting very patiently for The Monuments Men to come out ever since it was delayed back in December. The cast is awesome, the story is true and it’s a WWII movie to boot. There’s a reason everyone is dying to see it and now you don’t have to wait as long. We’ve got passes to a screening next Wednesday.

Just head over to Sony Screenings and put the code you find below in. I know it’s not Gofobo, but don’t be scared this works much the same way. Once you’ve put it in you’ll be all set to stare longingly into George Clooney’s eyes (or Bill Murray’s or Matt Damon’s or… John Goodman’s) as they save the world from Hitler.

Screening Details:

Wednesday, February 5
7:00 pm
Regal Gallery Place



Matthew Razak
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