See our first glimpse at Marvel’s The Eternals via concept art poster


We’ve got our first official-but-not-really-official look at the Marvel’s upcoming film The Eternals as a concept art poster that was given out at SDCC was recently posted by the artist who did it. Rodney Fuentebella posted the piece on Instagram and you can see it below in all its giant Celestials walking on a planet glory.

Does this actually tell us anything about the film? Not at all. Concept art is super early stuff and the focus of this poster is not on The Eternals themselves but the ancient aliens called the Celestials. In the comics these guys help shape human history in a sort of “uncaring” god kind of way. We’ve actually already seen one in the movies as well. Well, to be precise it was the giant, dismembered head of one. If you recall in Guardians of the Galaxy, the team ended up going to Knowhere, which was a city built inside a Celestial head. Yea, Marvel is going to get really weird with this one.

This is a cool look, of course, but we’re going to have to wait a bit longer for anything real from the film. The Eternals is set to release November 6, 2020.

Matthew Razak
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