See Shaft early and free


It would be lazy of me to just put the lyrics to the Shaft song in here and then the link, right? Fine, I’ll say some words or whatever. They’ve made yet another Shaft movie, and I’m not even sure what the hell they’re thinking with this one. They’re turning the blacksploitation character into some sort of buddy comedy and it just feels weird. The last reboot, way back in 2000, at least felt like it was grounded in the grittyness of that genre, this one just feels like they’re making jokes. 

Anyway, you can see it for free and judge for yourself. We’ve got passes to a DC screening below. Just click the link and you’re all set. Make sure you arrive early so you’re sure to get seats. 


Monday, June 10 – 7:30 PM
Regal Majestic
900 Ellsworth Drive, Silver Spring, MD


Matthew Razak
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