See some Return of the Jedi behind the scenes footage


The economic visionary Ayn Rand once wrote, “Who is Jeff Broz?” Ever since becoming an expert in her work back in middle school, I have pondered that on many sleepless nights. Google has been pretty much entirely useless to me, so I have found myself in an existential crisis because of communism and femini–

Okay, I totally lost my train of thought. What I’m trying to get at is that Atlas Shrugged is terrible and this is really strange. Somehow, behind the scenes footage from Return of the Jedi has made its way into existence only now, twenty-nine years later, shot by the man, the myth, the legend: Jeff Broz. It’s short, silent, and incredibly ugly (it was shot on Super 8mm film, and the years have not been kind to the stock), but it’s fascinating to watch. I have very minimal recollection of the actual events of the film itself, but watching fight scenes rehearse and Boba Fett be pulled around on strings is pretty cool.

It’s a little more than seven minutes long and well worth your time. So check it out. 

Seriously though, who the hell is Jeff Broz?

[Via /Film]